Hopkins Men's Shed - Aiding during Covid-19 Outbreak

How the Men's Shed is helping

The Hopkins Men's Shed has teamed up with Home Depot to provide kids put together wood models kits during this extend time at home.

This can provide an additional learning experience with proper adult supervision. Kits are of:

  1. Rocket Pencil Box
  2. Recycling Truck
  3. Heart String Art
  4. Mini Hockey Game

How to request kits

Go to the Contact page of this website: https://hopkinsmensshed.org/contact-us

Provide your name, email, the organization you represent and how many kits you would like.

The Men's Shed will review your request and get back to you.

Who can request some kits for your organization

If you are a non-profit organization supports supervised  kids you may be eligible to receive 25 kids or more for you to distribute to the people you service.


This offer is limited by varying levels of inventory, and may be be withdrawn at any time.


Neither Hopkins Men's Shed, Home Depot nor Hopkins Activity Center accept liability for injury or misuse of these Children's Kits.