Our Perspectives


Phil Johnson

"Men don't talk face-to-face.  They talk shoulder-to-shoulder.  And they do that, preferably, while pursuing projects together from painting houses to woodworking to, well affixing shopping bags with crayon art.  We lose our work buddies.  Wives would like their guys to get out at least one day a week and go bother somebody else."


Bob Nelson

"My wife loves this. She says she's going to come to a meeting!"


Glen Juntti

"The Hopkins Men’s Shed has been a great place to learn and share experiences with others.  The Service projects we do are great ways to give back to the community while having fun with others."


Stan Valensky

"Summer, you keep busy. But winter... it drives you nuts.  Anything I can do  to keep busy. This is what I'm looking for - an escape to keep me retired."   His wife likes Men's Shed, too, ..."Anything to keep me out of the house."