All this in less than 3 years!

Men's Sheds actions as of 7/17/19:


P Projects

S Speakers / Presentations

E Men's Shed Event

R Regular Meeting

T Tours: Businesses, Museums, State, National

O Open Circle

731.4    Volunteer Man Hours to Date


Area TYPE Date(s) and Actions taken

Hopkins Activity Center

P 1/26 -Store room started: Repaired and painted wall. Hung new storage shelves.  Repaired & painted entrance walls. Installed corner guards.

P Feb - Installed self leveling feet on fourteen tables.                

P 3/16 - Started to refinished two wooden benches.

P 3/23 - Assembled presentation podium.                            

P Mar - Assisted event set up for Hopkins Police bingo fundraiser.    

P 4/6 -Repaired fold up table - legs attachment.

P April - Started to refinished last three wooden benches.

P April - Assembled second presentation podium.                     

P May -Repaired handle and drawer in scrapbooking room..        

P 5/4 -Planted Hostas, moved plants & put down new mulch at HAC entrance.                                     

P 5/11 - Trimmed trees in HAC parking lot.                             

P May -Adjusted blinds in break area.                                     

P May - Installed bracket for expandable aisle control.            

P June - Reinstalled PVC tube in storage room.                            

P 6/15 - Made and installed new base for "day old goods" cart with casters.             

P 7/8 - Setup for Senior day event at Raspberry festival.     

P 7/8 - Set up and manned Men's Shed display at the Seniors day vent.                                     

P 7/13 - Cleaned & tested "Nutri Bullet" for Jackie from Raspberry Ridge

P 7/15 - Manned the Raspberry sundae booth at the annual Raspberry Fest                                   

P 7/20 - Painted letters on Laser cut wood sign for the HAC at 1st.St. N. & 14th.                                             

P 7/28 - Put together a rolling cart for a resident of Raspberry Ridge.            

P 8/10 - Finished painting the display case on the wall in front of the Historical Society.                    

P 9/26 - Helped set up and take down tables & chairs for the Senior Health Fair.            

S 9/26 - Set up and Manned Men's Shed display at the senior Health Fair                    

P 10/5 - Assembled rack for storing pickle ball net. Drained and rolled up three hoses for winter storage.                                                                                                          

P 10/12 - Broke down, flattened, & bundled 50 empty cardboard boxes for recycling.                   

P 11/8 - 11/9 - Helped setup tables and chairs for the Salute to Vets event on 11/9.  

P 12/14 & 12/21 - Bagged, counted & transported Xmas giving tree items to ICA and Resource west.           

P 12/27 -12/28 - Helped setup and take down before and after the "Noon Years" celebration.           

P 1/4 - Repaired pedastal sign, repaired chair back (break), & took down Christmas tree in lobby.

P 1/25/18 - Cut hole in lid for tax preparation donation jar.

P 2/22/18 - Organized shelves in storage room; Sanded & painted door to Raspberry Ridge; Sanded,   Patched & Painted wall by coffee sink.                                                                  

P 4/5/18 - Repaired white folding table.                                 

P 4/12/18 - Replaced some vinyl cove moldings in Raspberry Room. Worked on outdoor games for May celebration.                                                                                                  

P 4/22/18 - Helped set up chairs and tables for the Hopkins Police Department bingo fundraiser.                                                                                                                                        

P 5/3/18 - Dismantled and removed large pallet from the facility.

P 5/5/18 - Created three large kids games for the Music on Main event on 5/5/18. Work was done over 4 previous weeks.

P 6/5/18 - Secured moveable height pegs for an easel. Dave W.

P 6/7/18 - Checked out a small blender that was requested through the Activity Center  

P 6/21/18 - Created temporary solution to keep Ice cream cooler lid in the upright position.

P 7/7 & 7/8/18 - Helped set up and take down tables and chairs for Senior Day activities for the Raspberry Festival.                                                                                                          

P 7/14/18 - Bob N. , Lyle W. & Joe H. served ice cream sundaes for two hours at the Raspberry Fest.                                                                                       

P 7/26/18 - Trimmed tree outside of office.                           

P 7/30/18 - Dave W. power washed the wood fence and cement area in front of it.                                           

P 8/2/18 - Stained wood fence outside the offices.                                                   

P 9/20/18 - Drained, rolled up, and stored three hoses.                                  

P 9/20/18 - Repaired three flamingo ring toss games. .                          

P 9/25/18 - Helped set up and take down tables and chairs for Senior Health Day. .                           

P 11/7/18 - Helped set up tables, chairs and decorations for the veterans lunch.                                          

P 11/18/18 - Helped set up and take down of tables and chairs for the Hopkins Police Turkey bingo event. 

P 12/13/18 - Sorted & counted items for food shelf and Resource West. Delivered items.                                 

   P     12/20/18  - Oiled storage door; took remaining Xmas items to Resource West; Sorted flyers for Hopkins                                                                             

P 12/26/18 -  Helped setup tables and chairs for the Happy Noon Years party.                          

P 12/27/18 - Helped take down tables and chairs for the Happy Noon Years party. .                          

P 1/17/19 - Sanded, scraped and prepared wall in store room for painting.                                  

P 1/31/19 - Rebuilt and glued on two sets of wheels for wooden banks for Diana Ziffer.  

P 2/14/19 - Delivered 3 bags to ICA food shelf.                          

P 2/19/19 - Painted wall in storage room. Dave W. & Joe H.   P      3/12/19 - 9 men volunteered to keep the soup ready at the HAC for the "Empty Bowls" program.      

P 3/21/19 - Created a cart to store and move roadway cones.   

P 4/4/19 - Started work on hallway display cases.        

P 4/18/19 - Repaired shelving unit in storage area outside office, repaired plastic information signs. 

P 4/25/19 - Assembled new popcorn machine.

P 5/4/19 - Volunteered to help setup and to help with the games at the Music On Main event.

P 5/16/19 - Installed four crowd control units

P 5/30/19 - Assembled new desk chair.

P 6/6/19 - Worked on hallway display cases. Cut linoleum patterns.

P 6/20/19 - Finished hallway display cases. Put on adhesive, let cure & installed linoleum.

P 7/13 & 7/14/19 - Helped set up and take down tables and chairs for Senior Day activities for the Raspberry Festival.

P 9/19/19 - HAC Garage Sale - Move items to Susan's house


Hopkins Public Works Dept.:

P 6/29/17 - Scraped & painted large exhaust vent at City water treatment plant.            

P September & October 2017 - Stained the wood fence sections at the public works buildings.           

T 3/8/18 - The group toured the Hopkins Public Works facilities including the City water treatment plant.

P 5/17/18 - Assembled 200 - temporary no parking signs.          

P  5/31/18 - Assembled and stained a picnic bench for use at the city water treatment plant 

P 6/27/19 - Cut lumber and built two exterior benches


7/11/19 - Finished bench project. Sanded and sealed the two benches.

Hopkins Parks & Rec. Dept.:

P 10/5 - Did initial walk through for the Harley Hopkins and Oakes Parks that the Men's Shed has adopted.                                                                                                      

P 10/19 - Removed underbrush from three large pine trees at north end of Harley Hopkins Park.                     

P 10/26 - Cut down grasses and other brush at one site at west end of Burnes Park.                      

P 11/2 - Cut down grasses and other brush at second site at west end of Burnes Park.                              

P 11/16 - Walked entire Oakes Park and picked up trash and twigs. Drove by Harley Hopkins Park and checked it out.                                                                                                             

P 5/3/18 - Walked both Oakes and Harley Hopkins parks and picked trash and small twigs and branches that came down in winter.                                                                                      

P 7/4/18 - Walked both Oakes and Harley Hopkins parks and picked trash and small twigs and branches.                                                                                                      

P 9/27/18 - Walked both Oakes and Harley Hopkins parks and picked trash and small twigs and branches.                                                                                                      

P 11/1/18 - Cut down grasses at Burnes Park. Cut down Hostas & lilies at 10th & 1st St. N, Fire dept, and Downtown Park.

 P 5/16/19 - Walked both Oakes and Harley Hopkins parks and picked up trash and small twigs and branches that came down in winter.

P 9/2/19 Clean Oak & Harley Hopkins Parks

P 9/19/19  HAC Garage Sale - move items to Susan's house                                                                                                 



S 1/25/18 - Presentation on tax law changes by an AARP  Representative.

P 2/7/18 - Ten men volunteered at the Feed My Starving Children Organization                                                                                                                                                     

T 3/1/18 - The group toured the Mpls. Federal Reserve Bank

R 3/15/18 - Met with three members of AARP 

R 3/22/18 - Discussions with Molly Cummings, Mayor of Hopkins.

T 3/29/18 - Toured the Hennepin County Energy Recovery Center

T 4/12/18 - Toured the Hopkins Historical Society.

T 4/19/18 - Toured the Hopkins Police Department.

T 4/10/18 - Toured the National Weather Center in Chanhassen MN.

T 5/15/18 -Toured the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Organics Recyling Facility

S 5/24/18 - Attended demonstration of stained glass assembly by member Dave Wagner at his home.

T 6/7/18 - Toured the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District facility in Eden Prairie.

R 6/28/18 - Several members played miniature golf at Big Stone course in Minnetrista.

P 7/12/18 - Three men volunteered at Feed My Starving Children                                                                          

T 7/19/18 - Group toured the State Capitol.

S 8/6/18 - Made a "Thank You" presentation to the Hopkins City Council

T 8/9/18 - Toured the "Unmapped Brewery" in Glen Lake.

T 9/6/18 - Toured MTS in Eden Prairie.

T 9/13/18 - Toured EDCO plant in Hopkins.

T 10/4/18 - Toured the Golden Wings Flying Museum at the Anoka airport.

P 10/27/18 - Volunteered for the Free Bikes for Kids project in Brooklyn Center  

T 11/8/18 - Toured the  Augustana Open Circle facility in Hopkins.

S 11/21/18 - Made a presentation the Minnetonka Rotary.

S 11/29/18 - Heard a presentation by Peggy Gaard from Open Circle on dementia and alzheimers.

R 12/6/18 - The Men's Shed held a dinner on the second anniversary of the group. Spouses and significant others were invited.

T 1/10/19 - Toured Hopkins Autobody.

S 1/24/19 - Attended a presentation by Joe Ortner - "Carpentry, Engineering & Computers".

S 1/31/19 - Attended a presentation on tax law changes for 2018 by Gene T. -  AARP representative.

P 2/28/19 - Ten men to Feed My Starving Children


S 3/7/19 - Attended a presentation by Tom Vande Hei - "My son, the astronaut".

S 3/14/19 - Attended a presentation on the Apollo space program by Jim Zdrazil and Linc Hudson.

P  3/28/19 - Repaired cart for Resource West.       

E 4/7/19 Participated in Family Service Fair put on by the Hopkins Women's Club including prep time.  

E 5/1-2/19 - Helped fellow member Phil Johnson and his wife prep for a garage sale.

P 7/13/19 - Several men volunteered to serve ice cream at the Raspberry Festival kick off.

T 7/25/19 - Toured St. Anthony Lock and Dam State Park along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis

E 8/14/19 - Helped at Zion Church for their annual pig roast and corn feed. Set up tents, helped with serving etc..

T 9/12/19 - Tour NWA museum

Open Circle

O 12/14/18 - 4 Shed members conducted walk thru and did some work. 1.25 man hrs.

O 12/18/18 - Jim provided 2 hours of volunteer work. 2.0 man hrs.

O 12/20/18 - Jim provided 1.25 hrs of volunteer work. 1.25 man hrs.

O 12/26/18 - Jim provided 1 hour of volunteer work. 1.0 man hrs.

O 01/09/19 - Jim provided volunteer work.                                             

O 01/10/19 - Jim (1.75), Chuck (1.75), Lyle (1.15) & Dan (1.15) provided volunteer hours.  

O 12/13/19   John and 3 others snow shoveled                            

Jim S. - Water temps, clean faucets                                         

Cush - Electric, move bulletin bd., mag door latch                

O  2/14 - 2/27/19 Jim S. - Water temps, faucet repair                 

John - Snow shoveling                                                                 

Jim S. - Mtg with O. C. & staff re joint project with womens' club

O   2/17 - 3/1019 John - snow shovel, Jim S - electric, door and file cabinet, Cush - electric & door.  

O  4/4/19 - Table shelving by Dan.

O 4/5/19 - Maintenance work and snow removal.

O 4/18/19 - Built , refurbished and delivered flower boxes by Lyle, Jim and Dave.

O 4/25/19 - Attended a volunteer appreciation event at Open Circle.

O 5/2/19 - Misc. maintenance work.

O 5/12/19 - Updated garden plot on right side of building.

O 5/12/19 - Flower bed watering

O 5/14/19 - HVAC filter change and water temp. monitoring.

O5/19/19 - Flower bed watering and maintenance.

O 5/23/19 - Flower box remeasuring and water temp monitoring.

O 5/26/19 - Flower bed watering.

O 5/30/19 - Mtg with kitchen staff on kitchen area heat control and water temp monitoring.

O 6/6-7/19 - 2 persons work on fixing restroom handicapped safety bar.

O 6/7/19 Attempted mtg with rep from Home Depot on future client programing projects.

O 6/7/19 - Shelving replacement and cabinet repair.

O6/17/19 - Trip to Home Depot for kits.

O 6/18-19/19 - Woodworking prep time.

O 6/20/19 - 5 man woodworking group at Open Circle  

O 8/8/2019 - Built storm covers for 3 large windows on the north side of the building.

O 8/22/2019 - Made several repairs



 Group Total Vol.Hrs = 731  or  92 Group Volunteer Days